Bohemian Gothic Tarot cards


This striking tarot deck By Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony is based on images inspired by Gothic horror novels and photographs of the Victorian era and Gothic horror films of the 1920′s and 1930′s. The cards are dark in color, with unsettling but stimulating artwork featuring skulls, Gothic architecture, mysterious figures moving through ruins, gargoyle statuary and monsters, all being illuminated by candles, bright smoke or cloud-veiled moonlight.

The dark colors are set off by flashes of red,orange and yellow, while the flat blacks are pierced by bright windows, receding corridors and glimpses of distant towers.

Though this tarot set is based on ‘dark’ imagery, users report good, effective readings and that the cards are truly stimulating to own. Some of the cards are miniature works of art in their own right, and you are sure to develop some favorites from the wonderful cards within the deck.

Anyone familiar with more traditional decks should be able to use these cards. As well as the Gothic imagery, some inspiration for particular cards is taken from the Rider Waite deck, as can be seen here:

But the re-imagining is also so original that much is added to the cards’ value too.


This deck can be used by those at any level, though those of a very nervous disposition may wish to stay away! As always, even the darkest cards can be read in a positive way if the spread demands it.

Supporting material

The cards come with an interpretive book, which offers ways to read each card.

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