Helping you to find the tarot cards you need

This site was built to help you decide on the tarot deck you want to buy.

We have reviews of the following decks, and more are always being added! Click on the links or images below to read more.


Rider Waite tarot – the classic deck, powerful and strong images, superb for readings.


Animals divine tarot – beautiful reinterpretation,
with animals instead of human characters.


Golden Tarot – follows Rider-Waite, but with
human images taken from medieval art.


Bohemian Gothic tarot – a reinterpretation based on
Victorian images and early horror movies – superbly effective.


Psychic tarot – striking new versions of the Major
Arcana, and seven added Chakra cards.


Deviant Moon Tarot – a quirky and expertly
realized new tarot set , with stunning artwork.


Fairy Tale tarot – all the cards are illustrated with
characters from fairy tales, which works much more
effectively than you might expect.


Arthurian Tarot - the cards have characters and incidents from Arthurian legend.


Llewellyn Tarot – a deck based on ancient Welsh stories and legends.


Thoth Tarot – Aleister Crowley’s famous and powerful tarot deck.




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